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About Us

Redesign is a modern design agency specialising in building high quality, modern and responsive websites, mobile sites and mobile apps for small, growing and large organisations. The agency also provides a wide range of graphic design services. What makes Redesign one of the most resourceful and valuable design agencies is the dedicated tech support and consulting to help businesses further grow and develop their web or mobile platforms.

Android / iOS Mobile App

Rushecorp’s mobile app is officially available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
You can get the latest updates from Rushecorp and its affiliated companies, including: relevant news, blog updates, free business resources, new product & service announcements and special offers, job vacancies and more.

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Why Us?

Most businesses make the common mistake of building a website, loading it with information and leaving it to run.
If you were to build a physical retail store front – would you just leave it to run on its own? Consider this:

The amount you invest in your store, will reflect the quality of products/services and the business reputation.
Once the store is built, you need to drive traffic there in order to make sales.
Once customers visit the store, who will be there to welcome them and help them with their needs?
Are you going to be stocking and selling the same old items? You need to give your customers a reason to come back. 

We don’t focus on once-off, fly-by-night solutions.
We build scalable and adaptable solutions, and give you the ongoing support to help you grow.

Building a website/app is just the very first step, and very first investment, towards marketing and growing your business. It is an ongoing process with variable costs (not once-off) that shape the direction in which you are heading. A website/app that grows with your business is one that gives you the highest returns.

Discover our range of Services.

Domain Registrations

Your domain name is your property address on the internet. We help you to find the most suitable domain name for your business, run extensive checks at the registrars to see which domains are available or already registered, and to whom. Whether it’s a generic top level domain (gTLD) like .com. .net, .org; or a country specific domain like,, .eu, .ae; or a new gTLD like .xyz, .shop, .blog, .cloud – we manage the entire registration and annual renewal process for you.


Managed Web & Email Hosting

In order for your website to be accessible over the internet, and for you to receive emails at your domain, it needs to be connected to a hosting server. We provide local and international hosting packages through our partnered service-providers, and ensure regular upkeep of security and maintenance of your website files and data. We also handle the server updates, managed resources and communications with the Tech Support Team. If your business needs and requirements grow – we are there to help you acquire additional resources and scale your web platform.


Responsive Web Design

In today’s world – your website is the No. 1 Sales and Marketing Rep for your business. It is your front-line activation to bringing in and securing new customers. How your website looks, feels and functions is a reflection of your business – and contributes towards generating first impressions and the user experience (UX). Most of the time – a customer’s first engagement with your brand happens on your website – and you don’t even know it. It’s time to change, and that is what we are here for! Our team will help you to identify and structure your website such that it supports and maximises your sales funnel and customer conversion process. Whether we’re building a new business website, redesigning an existing site or scaling and extending your current site to meet your growing business model – our team is here to support and guide you throughout the process.


Modern Graphic Design

Need your brand to stand out? Whether you’re just starting your business, or looking for a refreshing change – we can help you to discover and visually recreate your brand identity across all platforms. We provide modern logo design services, branded company documents and portfolios, and high resolution graphics for multiple digital and social media platforms.


Android / iOS Native Apps

More and more consumers are accessing information every day, via their mobile smartphones. This makes the mobile platform an exceedingly lucrative and effective way to reach your customers wherever they may be, and at any given time. Mobile is the future of communications and customer relationship management. At Redesign, we can effectively help you to build and grow you business on a mobile platform such as Android & iOS. We manage the build, maintenance, content and updates of your app for you – as well as handle the entire submission & review process of your app to the respective app stores.


Happy Customers


“Innovative, determined, and goal orientated. Constantly demonstrating their highly developed business acumen and development skills whilst constantly maintaining a high degree of professionalism in all projects.”



“The thought and understanding of the companies they service enables excellent quality in their outputs whether it be web design, video creation and use of imagery. They bring a company’s vision to life, using diverse talents, expertise and professional style.”



“It was refreshing to deal with a team who displayed professionalism throughout the process. They displayed excellent product and market related knowledge and is competitively priced. Great service indeed!”



“The clean design, market strategy, affordable price and professional service we received is worthy of emulation.”



“Our organization has benefited immensely from their services. I personally appreciate them for the way and manner they have managed and promoted our brand.”



“Excellent design approach and efficient turnaround time allowed me to start acquiring more customers and growing my business sooner than I expected.”


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